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Chris Chatfield is Reader in Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath, UK. He is the author of four textbooks including: The Analysis of Time Series (5th edition), 1996, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press. He is also the author or joint author of numerous research papers, including four papers read to the Royal Statistical Society.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Chartered Statistician, an elected member of the International Statistical Institute, and a member of the American Statistical Association. He is a past editor of Applied Statistics and currently an Associate Editor of Statistics and Computing and of the International Journal of Forecasting.

His research interests are primarily in time-series analysis, with emphasis on forecasting, and he is currently writing a monograph on "Time Series Forecasting" for Chapman and Hall. Recent papers include a review of forecasting in the 1990s (The Statistician, 1997) and work on time-series forecasting with neural networks (Applied Statistics, 1998). He is also interested in the broader questions involved in tackling real-life statistical problems which form the subject of his book on Problem Solving (2nd edition), 1995, Chapman and Hall.