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Nigel Harvey is a Reader in Experimental Psychology at University College, London. He received his DPhil from Oxford University and taught both there and at St. Andrews University (Scotland) before moving to London. He has published papers on psycholinguistics, vocal physiology and singing, skill training, attentional processes, and medical decision-making. Over the last decade, his work has focused on human judgment and decision-making. Specifically, he has been interested in judgmental forecasting, judgmental control of system behavior, people's overconfidence in the level of their knowledge and skills, and factors that influence people's purchase and use of information and advice. He is currently funded to conduct research into the use of judgment to combine forecasts from different sources and to carry out studies on marketing managers' perceptions of and forecasts for the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. He is a member of the London-based interdisciplinary Centre for Research into Economic Learning and Social Evolution. He is Associate Editor of the journal Thinking and Reasoning and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making and the Journal of Consumer Psychology.