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Prof.dr. P.S.H. Leeflang studied econometrics in Rotterdam, obtaining both his MA (1970) and his PhD (1974) at the Netherlands School of Economics. During 1970-1975 he was assistant Professor at the Interfaculty for Graduate Studies in Management at Rotterdam/Delft.

He was appointed in 1975 as Professor of Marketing at the Department of Economics, University of Groningen. He has authored or co-authored 15 books including Mathematical Models in Marketing (Stenfert Kroese, Leiden, 1974) with Philippe A. Naert, Building Implementable Marketing Models (Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague/Boston, 1987), and with Michel Wedel, Dick Wittink and Philippe Naert, Building Models for Marketing Decisions (1999). Other examples of his published work can be found, inter alia, in

  • Applied Economics
  • The Journal of Marketing
  • The Journal of Marketing Research
  • The International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • Management Science
  • Journal of Economic Psychology
  • The International Journal of Forecasting

In 1978-1979 he was President of the European Marketing Academy and from 1981-1990 Vice-President of this Academy and in charge of the organization of the annual meeting of the Academy. In 1990 he was Guest Professor of Marketing at the University of California at Los Angeles (Anderson Graduate School of Management) where he taught marketing, planning and strategy. He also taught PhD-courses in Helsinki, Vienna and Innsbruck. At present he is the Dean of the Department of Economics and vice-Vice Chancellor of the University of Groningen. As a Professor of Marketing he is also affiliated to the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in Brussels (Belgium). He has been a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1999.