For some reason, the availability of the Kindle version of the Principles of Forecasting handbook disappeared from Amazon. It is back up. Good thing as it is the best-selling format for PoF. Why? The cost per principle is only one dollar. Also, it is easy to search; and it does not weigh much.

Mancuso and Werner found 174 papers published since Clemen's 1989 review. Their paper, in the Independent Journal of Management & Production, is available here.

The program for the 33rd International Symposium on Forecasting, to be held in Seoul, Korea, from 23 to 26 June, is now available here.

With little more than three weeks to go before the International Symposium on Forecasting opens in Seoul, if you haven't already it is time to register. The ISF is the premier international event for forecasters. You'll benefit from the experiences of forecasters from a wide variety of industries, cutting-edge research from top academics, and interaction with your peers and the experts throughout the program.

Submission of spoken and poster presentations are now being accepted for a two day workshop to be held at University College, London, on September 19 and 20. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 30th June, 2013. For more details, follow the link on the Conferences page.